DH Mixtape 2019

2016 was a great year for music. 2017 totally wasn’t. 2018 followed in this vein of fuckups. But here is 2019. So, again. This is music we listen to before, after and, much to our own surprise, while conducting our research. Links are only provided if we came across an official audio or video. Working hypothesis: music = liquid architecture, as stated on page 313 in this 1853 book.


2019 Edition

  1. The Specials: Vote for Me (youtube)
  2. Billie Eilish: Bad Guy (youtube)
  3. TATARKA: AU (youtube)
  4. The Lonely Island: Uniform On (youtube)
  5. Vampire Weekend: Sympathy (youtube)
  6. Kate Tempest: Firesmoke (youtube)
  7. Baroness: Seasons (youtube)
  8. Ebow: K4L (youtube)
  9. The National: Where Is Her Head (youtube/live)
  10. James Blake: Mile High (youtube)
  11. Dendemann: Menschine (youtube)
  12. Tyler, the Creator: EARFQUAKE (youtube)
  13. Hot Chip: Hungry Child (youtube)
  14. Metronomy: Salted Caramel Ice Cream (youtube)
  15. Jambiani: Sun.Tears.Red (youtube)
  16. Get Up Kids: Satellite (youtube)
  17. Cassius: Rock Non Stop (youtube)
  18. The Chemical Brothers: Eve of Destruction (youtube)
  19. Jungle: Cherry (youtube) (from 2018)
  20. Joywave: Like a Kennedy (youtube)
  21. Aurora: The Seed (youtube)
  22. Мукка: Девочка с каре (youtube)
  23. Grimes: Violence (youtube)
  24. Felix Blume: Alles auf Null (youtube)
  25. FKA twigs: Cellophane (youtube)
  26. Alyona Shvets: Одуванчик (youtube)
  27. Ivan Dorn & Vakula: Во сне (youtube)
  28. Хаски: Седьмое октября (youtube)
  29. Deichkind: Bude Voll People (youtube)
  30. Kanye West: Use This Gospel (youtube)
  31. Дельфин: МСКВ (youtube)
  32. Bon Iver: Faith (youtube)
  33. Shortparis: Так закалялась сталь (youtube)
  34. Grebz: Каракум (youtube)
  35. Gang Starr: Family and Loyalty (youtube)
  36. slowthai: Doorman (youtube) (from 2018)