This is

by Frank Fischer, Mathias Göbel and Robert Jäschke

“Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!”
John Oliver

Now this is, believe it or not, the sky over Göttingen #OnThisDay, April 23, 2016, after just some minimal photoshopping (turning light grey into summery light blue):

Sky over Göttingen.

Göttingen (and Hanover) were the places where we first started to think about a blog called, a neat and plushy think tank where we could publish some of our musings on Digital Humanities-related things that might or might not be or become part of a bigger research project.

Now that some of us are scattered to the four winds (to Potsdam, Sheffield, Moscow, etc.) we’re planning to use this site as a place to continue discussing and exploring ideas emanating from our daily DH’ing. Let’s see how it goes.

Today is World Book Day, thanks to Shakespeare and Cervantes, who both died exactly 400 years ago, well, Shakespeare some days later, thanks to the Julian calendar. Either way, a suitable day to start off with something called, which also alludes to Goethe’s notion that “the epoch of world literature is at hand”, as uttered by him in 1827.

Our first non-meta article will be delivered on Monday, something about Wikidata meeting World Literature, a small blogpost on how you can try to grasp what this fuzzy corpus called world literature is, according to Wikipedia/Wikidata.

Oh, one other USP of is the very unofficial DH Soundtrack, a growing list of current songs we listen to before, after and, of course: while conducting our research. So if some of our entries seem to make no sense to you, try switching on our official musikbett to ponder a supposed deeper meaning.

This, by and large, is it.

On behalf of everybody else,
Frank – Mathias – Robert